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Title: red bumps appear
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Holly Posted - 15/6/2019 12:34:18
Yeah so I've been noticing that whenever I scratch my legs these red bumps appear and there are a lot of these, Pls help I'm kinda scared
Holly Posted - 26/6/2019 23:34:11
Yeah they itch and it's only on my legs. My body is pretty weak in general and I can't spare any heat leaving my body.
TCM Posted - 15/6/2019 12:36:33
Is the situation only on legs? Or also occurs in other body parts?
Do you feel itching, burning or stinging around the bumps?
How long has this been last?
A common condition is hives. In Chinese medicine, the disharmony can be due to pathogenic factors such as toxic wind, damp-heat, and over-heated blood. Chinese physician will consider the exact skin appearance, and other signs for management.