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Title: Sweat comes after water drink
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Leoo Posted - 27/5/2019 4:55:49
Why body suddenly perspires when in a hot summer day a man drinks a glass of cool water?

Before drinking of this glass of water there is not sweat, and just after drinking it, the normal sweat appeares on the body.

Does this is normal, or does it means some individual condition of the body of that man?

TCM Posted - 3/6/2019 14:25:48
Sweating easily can have many patterns:
Sometimes it may not due to temperatures, but your body actions.
Sweat glands are controlled by the sympathetic nervous system, which can be irritated by many factors.

Leoo Posted - 1/6/2019 0:53:52
I mean, what is TCM view on the condition, when man begin to perspire after drinking water in a hot day.

As it seems to me, by simple common logic, after drinking cool water the body should become cooler, and the there is no reason for body to perspire.

But if if happens the opposite thing, then there shoul be some reason for it?