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Title: Fertility
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Netiesha Richards Posted - 17/4/2019 23:21:34
Which herbs are best for pcos and infertility
Hip Guy Posted - 10/6/2019 22:49:51
Yeah im infertile
TCM Posted - 24/4/2019 12:26:38
There are so many factors that can interrupt ovulation and conception, it is better to treat the root cause.
For endocrine disorder, modern medical practice will aim at hormonal regulation, but Chinese medicine will aim at the whole body regulation. Chinese physicians usually treat with herbal prescriptions rather than a single herb:

Since the kidney system plays an essential role in the bodyˇ¦s reproductive functions
Kidney herbs such as deer horn, rhemannia root (processed), dodder seed, epimedium, eucommia bark are usually selected for the remedies.