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Title: Shortness of Breath
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Dirk Posted - 2/4/2019 21:08:52
Last few days I've been constipated and I've been having a shortness of breath that correlates to a nervousness feeling in my chest that I can only assume is anxiety.

On average I mediate twice a day yet this those not seem to help.

I came across your site while looking for information on healing sounds, thanks for any help in advanced.

TCM Posted - 9/4/2019 14:17:38
Constipation along with shortness of breath may be related to qi deficiency that causes the intestines movement sluggish. For this type of constipation, Chinese physicians often aim to lubricate the intestines and replenish qi.
Some lifestyle suggestions are:

Also it is beneficial to take supplements that promote qi production such as

When the physical body is under proper control and the organ systems are working in harmony, meditation practice can be more efficient.