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Title: Damp heat permanent cure?
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Elo1 Posted - 1/3/2019 2:56:49
I'm just wondering if anyone has successfully and permanently cured/got rid of internal damp heat? I have all the symptoms of this condition.
holly Posted - 10/5/2019 0:55:33
i suggest cupping, if red/purple dots appear then you're getting the humidity out. if there hardly are any dots then you should be o.k. do this about once every 2 days. im not an expert though, this is just according to my mom.
TCM Posted - 6/3/2019 16:48:02
Internal accumulation of damp-heat is a disharmony that can be induced by many factors, such as too much spicy and deep fried food, over drinking, smoking, stay overnight or transforming from other disharmony patterns. Also, damp-heat can affect different body parts in various degrees, the resulted symptoms are ranged from hot urination to painful urination, abdominal distention to diarrhea. People may experience damp-heat disharmony differently. So what is your main problem?

A healthy lifestyle is beneficial to prevent further accumulation of the damp-heat.