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Title: Weak physically and mentally
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Melissa Posted - 7/8/2018 23:41:15
Just want to share my feeling that my constitution - both physical and emotional - seem to greatly affect how I cope with stress. OR...stressful events pretty frequently cause me to become sick or suffer from bad headaches. I am 64 years old, and have been living with frequent colds and headaches for years. I believe I was born with a weak physical constitution but that my upbringing also caused me to develop emotional weakness. Is there anyone else out there who can relate to this?
Richard Posted - 10/8/2018 0:46:02
Melissa, I'm not an expert on the subject but I've recently written a paper on the subject....... Hopefully the following may prove useful.

Stress, normally exhibited as a state of preoccupation, could be defined as :a perceptual phenomenon arising from a comparison between the demands on the person and their ability to cope'. Stress is something that happens to us whether evolutionary, culturally or lifestyle driven. Frustration and muscular tension are particularly common, along with sluggishness, pain and other disorders (eg: high blood pressure, headaches and digestive disorders). Stress being well researched clearly acknowledges exercise as a stress buster....... and from a TCM perspective, Qigong has been named. This ancient health generating practice focuses on breathing, visualisation, mediation, posture and body movements, that not only strengthens and heals .the body・ but also the .mind・, balancing the emotions - and boosting overall energy level. The movements are slow, precise and if correctly performed - with feeling.

Qigong is something I practice everyday - and strongly recommend. It might be something you would like to explore further locally - perhaps there are classes in your area.

Good luck.